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its hard to be attractive when youre not

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self-care suggestions beyond “have a bath” 

  • collect flowers for pressing
  • plan a trip in great detail 
  • memorise a poem
  • find and record sounds you love
  • customise a piece of clothing
  • read a book you loved from childhood
  • have someone do your hair/paint your nails
  • climb a tree (and spend some time there)
  • find a free local event to go to
  • visit an animal shelter
  • try to recreate a great meal you once had
  • record a fond memory
  • do something you think you can’t do 

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i’m a nice person i just hate everyone 

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Today in biology my teacher talked about how gay people don’t choose to be gay, and he explained in in depth. At the end of his lecture everyone applauded except some kid said “I still hate fags” and my teacher said “and everyone still hates you” the kid sat down and never said another word

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